New Course Release: First Impressions

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Dedicated to developing new topics, alongside managing existing content, MicroLearn’s Creative Team have created eight brand new courses which were released in April 2019, increasing the size of our off-the-shelf catalogue to 150 titles.

Introducing to the library a range of new and relevant topics which explore career progression and the changing landscape of professional growth, we have released a brand-new Career Development suite, featuring a course on First Impressions.

It takes just a matter of seconds for someone to form an opinion of you and once formed this opinion can be particularly difficult to change, therefore it’s important to make your first impression a good one. In this module we explore how impressions are formed, how to ensure you make a good first impression and the steps you can take to recover when things go wrong.

See below for a preview of the First Impressions video:

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