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With more than 150 titles across 16 ranges, the Succeedin library is expanding rapidly, with brand new content added every quarter. Our roadmap is driven by our customers, taking client feedback and requests on board in our mission to create a library which really meets the needs and expectations of our learners. If you’re looking for a particular topic and can’t see it here…get in touch and let us know!

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Change Management

Change is an important part of any organisation’s success, but it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this suite of titles to help employees recognise why change is vital and how to accept and adapt to change.


All organisations are exposed to the growing threat of financial crime, which ranges from bribery and fraud to money laundering and terrorist financing. Our Finance range is designed to improve your understanding of these key risk areas as well as exploring the basic techniques involved in the workplace.

Workplace Wellbeing.png
Workplace Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of individuals within your organisation is vital, both in and out of the workplace. This range, created in collaboration with Liggy Webb, is designed to promote positive working cultures and highlight the risks and warning signs of poor mental health, stress, sickness and more.

Customer Service.png
Customer Services

The Customer Service range offers staff insights into appropriate and effective customer service, from sending emails to handling complaints. The range is designed to offer useful advice for approaching new customers and maintaining existing ones.

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Communication & Social Skills

Change is an important part of any organisation’s success, but it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this suite of titles to help employees recognise why change is vital and how to accept and adapt to change.

Personal Development.png
Personal Development

Personal development is about maximising strengths and improving areas of weakness. This range is designed to help develop potential and improve employment skills through interactive online learning. 

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Management & Leadership

Accelerate your managers’ development with motivational, effective and engaging online training. Designed to improve the skills and confidence of managers and leaders, the range covers everything from coaching and mentoring to giving feedback.

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Literacy Skills

Our Literacy Skills series has been designed to help you understand how to prepare and write an effective report. The range explores a variety of literacy features, which add structure and style to your writing, whilst reinforcing the fundamental rules of spelling and grammar.


Effective teamwork is an essential part of any working environment. The Teamwork range is designed to help staff become more effective team players and leaders, playing an active role in the success of the team. Our Teamwork series will help you to understand the different stages of a team, to find your role and to run a productive meeting.

Health & Safety.png
Health & Safety

Health & Safety compliance in the workplace is the responsibility of both employers and employees and is essential for protecting the workforce from the risk of accident and injury. This range explores Health & Safety regulations and provides information and guidance on creating a safe working environment.

Equality & Diversity.png
Equality & Diversity

Managing equality and diversity in today's workplace is a very real challenge for both employers and employees. The Equality & Diversity range covers the Protected Characteristics identified by the Equality Act 2010, using case studies and questions to help you to understand and prevent discrimination at work.

Data Protection.png
Data Protection

Most areas of business require the disclosure of some type of personal data, with all organisations collecting and analysing this data for a variety of purposes. This range explores the regulations set out under the GDPR and provides information and guidance on the protection of personal data and compliance with the law.

Social & Corporate Responsibility.png
Social & Corporate Responsibilities

Every company has certain social and corporate responsibilities which must be maintained. These range from sustainability to ethical trading, and help to protect your social, economical and environmental interests. 

Food Safety & Hygiene.png
Food Safety

When storing or preparing food, it is essential that Food Standards are achieved and maintained. The Food Safety & Hygiene range covers everything from Food Law through to Allergies and Personal Hygiene.


Safeguarding is everybody's responsibility, with each of us having a moral duty to recognise, record, report and respond to any concerns about harm and abuse. This suite explores a range of safeguarding issues related to Children and Vulnerable Adults for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Career Development.png
Career Development

This range explores the importance of facilitating each move by creating a well-thought out career development plan, preparing for interviews, understanding the importance of first impressions and learning to effectively network.

Succeedin Learning Formats

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we’ve developed a multi-modal solution to offer a wide and growing variety of learning resource formats to support both continuous professional development and learning opportunities in the flow of work.

Our 3 SCORM compliant formats include the Module, Video Plus and Video. Each resource is expertly designed to promote workplace productivity by making learning convenient, accessible and relevant.


The 15-minute Module is our flagship product, designed to seamlessly take the place of traditional eLearning, but in a bite-sized microlearning resource.


  • Whiteboard Video

  • Expanded Learning

  • Check My Understanding

  • Additional Resources

Video Plus

The Video Plus is a shorter, video-centric format which can act as a handy refresher tool or is perfect as a standalone resource for learners who are pushed for time!


  • Whiteboard Video

  • Check My Understanding

  • Additional Resources


Our talented in-house team produce high quality video assets which are at the heart of MicroLearn’s instructional approach. The colourful whiteboard-style videos either stand alone, or support blended programs offering learners engaging bite-sized, SCORM compliant learning experiences.